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M4B Mask

Bacterial Filter Efficiency BFE 99%

Particle Filter Efficiency PFE 97%

Produced using surgical mask grade

non-woven fabric  that achieves

BFE 99% and PFE 97% standard.

( See Order Information for details ).


Made for General Public

Wearing a mask is one way to help prevent spreading of respiratory tract infections - if properly worn, it serves as a barrier to prevent the spreading of droplet infections.

Medical mask of blue color for protectio

Features and Specification:

Adult sized (173 x 90 mm)

For single use only

3 ply with latex free ear loop


BFE 99% + PFE 97%

Comfortable to breathe and wear

Barrier to droplet

Models Available:

Item code 6001 (BFE) :

bulk packed, 50 pcs per box

Item code 6002 (BFE) :

individually packed, 30 pcs per box

Item code 7001 (PFE) :

bulk packed, 50 pcs per box

Modern factory buildings and warehouses.

Our Story:

Once upon a time there was a great educator, also a Marist brother, who often taught us that "Freedom is a Choice of Responsibility".  This doctrine has been implanted in our minds since our teenage years and guided us through our adulthoods ever since.  Our love and respect for him gives us a strong sense of responsibility for our society at all times.

Our calling got stronger when COVID-19 became a pandemic.  M4B was founded to relieve the shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE).  Our immediate priority is to provide sufficient medical masks to our fellow students and educators, and gradually expand our PPE offerings to the general public.  

With the backing of a reputable PPE manufacturer for over 20 years, masks from our production line in Hong Kong achieve both BFE 99% and ASTM Level 2 standards, which are ideal for daily uses at the public.  Our masks are 100% made in Hong Kong.

As a business, M4B stands for “Made for Better” and it is our commitment to our customers and products.  From a personal perspective, M4B also represents a “Mission from 4 Brothers” who are alumni for over 30 years and always bear a sense of social responsibility.

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